IP Extension Speaker

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  • UL Listed

    The AtlasIED A8S incorporates the 8" model C10A with a 10-ounce ceramic magnet and a square grille finished in white epoxy. The A8S is designed to be used in conjunction with an AtlasIED IP loudspeaker, models I8X(-CK) in applications where two loudspeakers are required but expense is a factor. There is an 8Ω loudspeaker output terminal on the PCB in the IP loudspeaker that can be connected to the loudspeaker input on the A8S. This will provide signal and power from the IP loudspeaker to the A8S allowing for greater sound coverage and reduced expense. The A8S can be used with the same surface and flush mount enclosures used by Atlas IP loudspeakers, the SEA-I8S, SEST-I8S, and FEST-I8S.

    8Ω Speaker for Use with IP Speakers
    Highly Efficient 10oz Dual Cone Loudspeaker System Provides 94dB Average SPL @ 1W/1m
    Preassembled with Aluminum Baffle
    Dual Cone Loudspeaker Design
    Speaker Size 8" (20.32cm)
    Frequency Response 45Hz - 19kHz
    Depth 2 5/8" (6.67cm)
    Data Sheet
    A8S Data Sheet (1 page)