White Papers

Document Type File Name Description
ATS005261 DPA-102PM HTTP Commands White Paper.pdf Network Command Strings for DPA-102PM Download
Tech Guide for Effective Sound Masking.pdf Tech Guide for Effective Sound Masking Download
Creating Acoustic Privacy in Health Care Environments.pdf Creating Acoustic Privacy in Health Care Environments Download
AtlasIED_Sound_Masking_Further_Thoughts.pdf Further Thoughts on Sound Masking Download
TSD-SEQ6 Control of SACS.pdf TSD-SEQ6 Control of SACS Download
ATS005745_Tuning_a_Basic_1-3_Octave_Sound_Masking_System_White_Paper.pdf Optimally tuning an AtlasIED sound masking system with an 1⁄3 octave equalizer Download
Baffle Enclosure Cross Reference Chart.pdf A cross reference chart to choose your baffle enclosure Download
ASP-MG2240 Install Notes.pdf ASP-MG2240 Install Notes Download
Atlas_Sound_Masking_Data_Sheet.pdf Download
ATS005401_DFW_Airport_White_Paper.pdf DFW Airport White Paper Download
ATS005976A-Transformer-Substitutions.pdf Transformer Tap Settings Download
ATS006062_AtlasIED_PA_Network_Considerations.pdf Download
ATS006204_Cisco_Unified_Call_Manager_Configuration_Guide.pdf Cisco Unified Call Manager Configuration Guide Download
ATS006216_Atlanta_Food_Bank_Case_Study.pdf Atlanta Community Food Bank Case Study Download
2020_Mitek_Dealer_Return_Program.pdf Download
2020_MTX_Shipping_weights_and_dims.xlsx Download
ATS006364_Atmosphere_Safety_Instructions_RevA.pdf Atmosphere_Multi-Language_Safety Instructions_AZM4_AZM8_carton Download
AtlasIED-Avaya-Application-Notes-for-IPX-Series-Issue-1.0.pdf AtlasIED Avaya Application Notes for IPX Series with Avaya Aura® Session Manager and Avaya Aura® Communication Manager – Issue 1.0 Download
AtlasIED-Avaya-Application-Notes-for-DuVoice-DV2000.pdf AtlasIED Avaya Application Notes for DuVoice DV2000 with Avaya Office Server Edition 11.0 IPO11 Download
2021_MTX_Shipping_weights_dims_REV_4-29.xlsx Download