Perforated Baffle for 8 inch Speaker and 8 inch or 9 inch Analog Clock (Clock By Others)

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    Contemporary clock/speaker baffle assembly features a CRS grille and trim ring mounted to an 18-gauge CRS panel with cutouts for mounting an 8" dia. speaker (order separately). The 830 Series mounts into position using a double-action torsion spring system to provide a hardware-free appearance. Models include a black gasket for concealed mounting of an 8" dia. (203mm) speaker and a universal clock mounting bracket for installation of almost any 8" or 9" dia. analog clock (by others). The panel, grille, and trim ring components are finished in a white epoxy. Assemblies can be recessed or surface mounted using 194 Series enclosures.

    • Can be Recessed or Surface Mounted Using 195 Series Enclosures
    • Mounts into Position Using a Double-Action Torsion Spring System to Provide a Hardware-Free Appearance
    • Panel, Grille, and Trim Ring Components are Finished in a White Epoxy

    Clock Hole Size 8 3/4"
    Compatible Enclosures 195-89, SM195-89
    Height 13 11/16" (34.76625 cm)
    Width 26 3/4" (67.945 cm)
    Shipping Weight 4.00 lbs (1.81 kgs)

    Series 830, 840, 194, and 195 Install Sheet (2 pages)
    Analog Clock Baffles Datasheet (2 pages)
    840-89A CAD Drawing
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