Cylindrical Bidirectional Baffle/Enclosure 4 inch

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  • UL Listed
  • BAA
  • TAA

    This compact aluminum baffle/enclosure is identical to the 410 Series with the addition of a circular mounting canopy complete with mounting hardware and second grille to enable bi-directional sound dispersion. Model 510-4 mounts a standard 4" (102mm) speaker. Aluminum housing is patch-jute lined and undercoated to allow clear, audible speaker performance by preventing mechanical and acoustic resonance. One grille per unit includes studs for convenient speaker mounting. Complete assembly installs to a 4" (102mm) octagon E.O. box (by others). Finished in satin brushed aluminum.

    • Attractive, Non-Rusting Aluminum Construction
    • Bi-directional Models for 4" (102mm) Loudspeakers
    • Ideal for Corridor Applications Where Surface Mounting Space is Limited

    Depth 4 3/4" (12.065 cm)
    Diameter 6" (15.24 cm)
    Shipping Weight 1.17 lbs (0.53 kgs)
    Speaker Size 4
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

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