3 Ft Hanger for 8 inch Cylindrical Baffle

    435-3 is designed to support and suspend baffle Models X44, X8414 and X8409. Hangers are available in multiples of 1 foot and include brushed aluminum canopy, nickel-plat-ed hang straight swivel, zinc plated 1/2" (13mm) steel tubing and necessary hardware. Units mount directly to a 4" (102mm) octagon E.O. box (not included). The 435 Series features an angular canopy and is designed to mount on flat ceilings or those with a slope of 15° or less.
    Brushed Aluminum Canopy, Nickel-Plated Hang Straight Swivel, Zinc Plated 1/2" (13mm) Steel Tubing and necessary hardware
    Designed to Support and Suspend Baffle Models X44, X8414 and X8409
    Mounts Directly to a 4" (102mm) Octagon E.O. Box
    Height 36" (91.44 cm)
    Shipping Weight 0.50 lbs (0.23 kgs)
    SL3.1465 (1 page)
    IN330849 (1 page)
    CAD Drawing
    435 SERIES