Square Enclosure for 4 inch Speakers

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  • UL Listed
  • BAA
  • TAA
  • Paintable
    AtlasIED square protective enclosures are cost-effective assemblies that mount a wide variety of AtlasIED grilles. All models are of welded CRS construction, finished in black enamel, and are undercoated to eliminate mechanical and acoustical resonances. Units are also furnished with four compound conduit knockouts. Refer to chart on back for dimensions and mounting information.

    • Designed for 4" (102mm) Dia. Loudspeakers and will Accommodate Standard Screw-Mount Baffles
    • Enclosure for 4" Diameter Standard and UL Listed Loudspeakers
    • Finish is Black Enamel

    Height 6 1/4" (15.875 cm)
    Depth 4 1/8" (10.4775 cm)
    Shipping Weight 2.00 lbs (0.91 kgs)
    Safety Listed 1480 / 2043
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    198 Series Datasheet (2 pages) 198 Series Datasheet (2 pages)