Recessed Enclosure for 830-89A

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    The AtlasIED 194-89 protective enclosure for recessed mounting of 830-89A clock/speaker baffles. This 194-89 model contains 12 triple-compound conduit knockouts (six on both top and bottom) to facilitate easy wiring. Constructed of 20-gauge CRS and is heavily undercoated to prevent mechanical resonances. Unit contains a compartment divider to separate high and low voltage wiring. Finished with an epoxy coating.

    • Easy-to-Configure Standard Panels in Model NC850 Provide Custom Flexibility for Mounting Switches, Thermostat, and/or Lighting Controls.
    • Provisions for Easy Installation of Standard 8" Loudspeakers.
    • Recessed Mounting Style Meets Installation Requirements
    • Reliable Design Installs Quickly in New or Retrofit Construction

    Height 120 1/16" (30.63875 cm)
    Width 24 1/2" (62.23 cm)
    Depth 3" (7.62 cm)
    Shipping Weight 7.50 lbs (3.40 kgs)
    Mounts Baffle 830-89A
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    Series 830, 840, 194, and 195 Install Sheet (2 pages)
    Combination Analog Clock / 8" Speaker Baffles and Enclosures (4 pages)
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