12 inch Coaxial Compression Driver 250W @ 8Ω


    Model 12CX is a 250 watt speaker that combines a 12" diameter, low frequency transducer and a 1" exit, true compression driver.

    The unit features a curvilinear, treated paper cone for lower harmonic distortion and a built-in crossover network for proper frequency transition between the two reproducers.

    Model 12CX operates within a frequency response range of 45Hz -18kHz with a sensitivity of 99dB and a dispersion angle of 90° (-6dB/2kHz octave band).

    • 1" Exit Compression Driver Coupled to a Specially Designed Conical Wave-Guide Horn
    • 90 Degree Conical Dispersion (2 kHz Octave Band)
    • High Efficiency Cone Woofer is Optimally Matched to the High Frequency Device via a Specially Designed Crossover to Insure Even Transition
    • Perfectly Suited for Use with Atlas Sound "Q" Series Enclosures

    Frequency Response 65Hz - 15kHz
    Sensitivity 99dB (at 1W/1m)
    Power Taps 8 ohms
    Speaker Type Compression Driver Coaxial
    Dispersion 90°
    Depth 8" (20.32 cm)
    Diameter 12 7/8" (32.7025 cm)
    Shipping Weight 24.00 lbs (10.89 kgs)

    12CX / 12CXT60 Data Sheet (5 pages) 631 KB
    12CX CAD Drawing 385 KB
    12CX EASE DATA 25 KB
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