Default Device IP Addresses

Rather than ship with dynamic addressing (DHCP) enabled, most AtlasIED devices ship from the factory with a default fixed IP address in the 10.x.y.z range. Below is the list of such devices.

DEFAULT DEVICE IP ADDRESSES    GlobalCom 1100/1200 and GCK IP100-series Controllers    GlobalCom 1100/1200 and GCK IP100-series Sound Card    528 Mic station    1RU Titan box (any type, e.g., 9040NLR)    Titan frame (T9160, T9116, T9016DSP, T9032DSP)    1522LR   54xxCS Mic station    1544BAS    1516LI / 1516ALI    1100DAB Network 1    1100DAB Network 2

Items that ship DHCP include:

DNA7800 and DNA2404 series Amplifiers