How to schedule automatic restart of a service or services

It's possible (and easy) to automate the restart of a service.

The general approach is:
create a .bat file (say RestartMasterClock.bat) with the following two lines in it:
net stop "IED Master Clock"
net start "IED Master Clock"

The part in quotes MUST match the Display Name of the service in question as shown int the service's properties in the services control panel. I typically put service related .bat files in c:\ied\services.  Include these two lines for each service, modifying the part in quotes as necessary.

Then create a windows scheduled task to run the .bat file on the desired schedule.


If we want to we can create a .bat file to create the scheduled task too:

The general syntax is:
Schtasks /Create /SC DAILY /TN IEDBackup /TR "'C:\ied\services\RestartMasterClock.bat" /ST 01:00"

Ship that to the user and all they have to do is run that .bat file.