Tech That Transforms
These new product Series are designed to change the way users think about and perceive commercial AV equipment. Designed with the latest technologies that take commercial audio far beyond today's market. These products are truly Technology That Transforms and will bring greater utility and performance to any installation at which they are deployed.

SHS Series

Strategically Hidden Speaker

The Strategically Hidden Speaker with Adaptive Dispersion Lens technology, offers the perfect solution for optimal form and function to transform any ceiling and will forever change how speakers are perecived in their environment.

IPX Series

IP Endpoints Evolved

The IPX Series is the evolution of the IP endpoint category, maintaining the foundational features found in previous models that have been serving the market for almost 20 years, with the additional enhancements of modern styling and an upgraded high-resolution visual display.

Texas Tough Series

Texas Tough Equipment Racks

Texas Tough equipment racks are the culmination of years of research and development and include features never before incorporated into a cabinet that benefit both the end-user and integrator performing the installation. Made in the USA, these racks are built as tough as the state they are named after. 

Z Series

Sound Masking Simplified

The Z Series will transform Sound Masking as an unprecedented plug and play solution that features multiple zones and the ability to incorporate paging and BGM. The Z Series has all the functionality that any facility needs in an audio system.


Modular Amplification

The T112 provides the latest signal automation, processing and amplification technologies in one modular solution, allowing up to seven (7) TitanONE Series power amplifier cards to be easily inserted into the mainframe enabling twelve-(12) main channels of amplification and two-(2) backup channels for redundancy, each with a complete library of DSP filter options.

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