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Sound Masking

Speakers designed specifically for sound masking applications.

Amplified Sound Masking System with Onboard DSP

Welcome To Two-Zone Sound Masking Controller with Integrated DSP & Amplification

Sound Masking

Call Center Sound Masking System Medical Clinic Sound Masking System

AtlasIED Introduces NEW Compact Amplified Sound Masking System

AtlasIED, the world leader in speech privacy systems, is pleased to introduce the NEW compact ASP-MG2240 Amplified Sound Masking System. It incorporates all the technologies for a professional-grade speech privacy system covering up to 7,500 square feet for applications such as: •Business offices•Call centers•Counseling centers•Medical offices•Judicial offices•Conference and board The ASP-MG2240 is ultra-compact taking up only 1 rack unit (RU) with half space. Two ASP-MG2240’scan be mounted side-by-side in a standard 19” equipment rack. It provides an amazing feature set starting with two discrete amplified output channels for configuring two separate zone settings. Each channel provides all of these technologies: •Pink and white noise generator•1/3 octavegraphic equalizerfor noise masking•Line or mic level input with selectable phantom power•Integrated mixer for noise generator, mic/line, and aux sources•Feedback filter for mic/line source•Daily time scheduler•Separate 5-band graphicand limiter for aux source•Ultra-efficient Class D amplifier technology•Industry-proven masking presets•Computer setup with backup and restore The ASP-MG2240 also incorporates two AtlasIED innovations •Push Here Diagnostics™(aka PHD)With a press of a button, the ASP-MG2240 tests each output channels loudspeaker and cable wiring and automatically identifies any mismatches, shorts, or underpowered loudspeaker errors. It will report its status via the front LED indicators for each channel. •Privacy Engage Circuit (aka PEC)A LED visual sign and/or wall-mount trigger button can be connected to the ASP-MG2240. The trigger button can turn on or raise and lower the noise generator. It also lights up the LED visual sign. With the ASP-MG2240, a sound masking installation is easy to install and affordable for all types of applications. All you need is the ASP-MG2240, M1000 loudspeakers, and wire – it’s that simple.

What's the Difference Between Indirect and Direct Field Sound Masking?

Blog Home Speech privacy / sound masking are a rapidly growing category in the commercial AV market. If you are researching sound masking you may have seen the terms indirect field and direct field to describe masking systems. How do you know which one is best for your facility so that you can make the right choice? Indirect Field Masking AtlasIED has always been a proponent of indirect field sound masking and therefore is usually the solution we recommend as long as it will work in the environment. The key characteristic of a sound masking system for it to do what it is supposed to do, is that the system appear to be invisible to anyone in the area where the masking is deployed. This characteristic is made for indirect masking where the speakers are located either above the ceiling tiles or treatments or below the floor. Since a sound masking speaker is always emitting white or pink noise it can be a distraction to people in the masking area as they can point to the speaker and say "that speaker is making noise and is bothering me". If the speaker is above the ceiling tile, as illustrated in the example below, the listeners' cannot identify the source of the white/pink noise. Additionally, installing the speakers firing up toward the deck above the ceiling tiles allows the sound masking noise to permeate the entire space and fully cover the area so there are no "dead" areas without coverage. Direct Field Masking There are some instances where indirect masking just will not work and direct field masking is the only available option. The key to a direct field masking system is trying to eliminate "dead" spots in the room so that the masking system can appear to be as invisible as possible. The below image illustrates a direct field masking system with a standard in-ceiling speaker. The speaker has a limited dispersion pattern so as is illustrated on the left side of the image, there are "dead" spots in the coverage because the speakers are spaced too far apart for the coverage pattern of the speaker to cover the listener while standing. That may not seem like a big deal because the occupants are normally going to be seated but as people move around the office they will be going in and out of the masking field, which will keep the

Amplified Sound Masking System with Onboard DSP (ASP-MG2240)

The AtlasIED ASP-MG2240 is a two-zone sound masking controller with integrated amplification. This compact device incorporates many useful features including two-channels of amplification, separate analog masking generators with EQ, 24/7 scheduler, balanced Mic/line input, auxiliary input for background audio and a line output. The PC control software allows the user to customize the system to meet installation needs. Settings can be stored in the unit or in the PC for file back up or recall. The ASP-MG2240 offers industry leading preconfigured presets that are tailor made for many common and advanced sound masking applications. These settings are based on proprietary Chanaud Masking Filters. Precise sound masking is now quick to implement. The compact ASP-MG2240 can deliver quality audio in a single masking zone up to 7000-ft2 or can be spilt into two 3500-ft2 zones. This compact, integrated solution features two internal 20-watt 70.7V amplifier channels along with internal DSP with intuitive control software. This software makes setup fast because of the reql world preset configurations that can be selected and modified for customization. Speech Privacy Enhancement for conference rooms or medical offices is now simple to do allowing federal HIPPA standards to be met. The ASP-MG2240 features a customizable speech privacy solution for any environment. When in a private meeting that requires speech privacy, simply press a switch to activate the Speech Privacy Enhancement mode. A visual aid to indicate when the room is secure for speech privacy is if needed. A variety of optional Speech Privacy Enhancement signs are available to connect to the ASP-MG2240. The ASP-MG2240 is an all-in-one solution that is effective in most applications. The ASP-MG2240 not only supplies speech privacy but also can deliver paging and background audio. Mic/line and auxiliary inputs each have a selectable 5-band EQ and Hi & Lo pass filters. For paging applications, the ASP-MG2240 incorporates a unique hi Q feedback filter specifically tailored to the vocal frequency range. Adjustable output limiters are in the audio chain to protect against system overdrive. Finally, the ASP-MG2240 includes a patent pending automatic diagnostic system test, called the Push Here Diagnostic (PHD). The PHD button is designed to check the connected speaker lines for wiring and amplifier load errors. This test can be activated once all speakers are connected and the circuit automatically verifies that the attached speakers' tap settings do not exceed the amplifier's rated power and the speaker wire is free from

8" Dual Cone Sound Masking Speaker with 4-Watt 70V Transformer and Enclosure - Round (M1000R)

The M1000R is a perfect solution for contemporary office spaces with open ceiling designs where sound masking is used to enhance speech privacy. The sleek round design and non-reflective black finish blend in nicely with painted ductwork, lighting, and other devices suspended overhead. A high efficient 8" paper cone transducer coupled with a low insertion loss 70.7V transformer are factory assembled into the 382 in3 round enclosure. System level tuning is easily achieved via an external tap selector switch that includes settings for .25, .5, 1, 2 & 4 watts plus an OFF position. Installation is made easy via the included 78" (2m) suspension chain system that allows quick mounting and height adjustment of the M1000R. An integral wire strain relief strategically located on the top of the enclosure allows for secure speaker cable termination. Note, this product requires a masking generator and 70.7V amplifier to operate.

TSD Sound Masking Generator Kit (GPN1200K)

The GPN1200K is a sound masking kit solution that includes the TSD-GPN1200 sound masking generator, TSD-PS24V250MA power supply, and TSD-RMK 1RU rack mount kit.

Digital Sound Masking Processor and Amplifier - Replaced by the DSP2212 (DSP2210)

The AtlasIED DSP2210 digital sound masking processor and Amplifier system is a self contained, compact two zone digital DSP-GUI controlled processor and digital amplifier capable of simultaneous distribution of masking, paging, and background music signals for use in Industrial, Institutional, Commercial and Government facilities.The AtlasIED DSP2210 is capable of automatic mixing, set up and administration of all inputs/outputs per zone (channel). This is accomplished via an intuitive ‘simple to use' Graphic User Interface (GUI) managed via a local laptop or desktop computer that is running Microsoft® Windows®. It provides up to 2 channels of independent on-board digital Class-D amplifiers rated at 25W RMS at 70V. It has a pink noise generator which is random and non-repeating up to (215) hours with EQ adjustments programmable on a per zone basis. The DSP's provide dynamic control and management with independent 1⁄3 Octave (28) band EQ *(Filter type is Butterworth @ 19dB and Linkwitz-Riley at 24dB) and Parametric EQ 8-band for calibration of all PA and masking signals on a per zone basis. Paging (PA) levels are adjustable in 0.5dB increments per zone on Line Level (Music) and Microphone paging inputs.

Self Contained, Multi-Zone Digital Controlled Networkable Sound Masking Processor and 8-Channel Amplifier (DSP8807)

The AtlasIED DSP8807 unit is capable of automatic mixing, set up and administration of all 8x8 inputs / outputs per zone (channel) via an intuitive ‘simple to use' Graphic User Interface (GUI) managed via a local Windows® based laptop or desktop computer. The DSP8807 has 8 channels of independent on-board digital class-D amplifiers that are capable of delivering 50W RMS at 70.7V output. Additionally a simultaneous audio line level output rated at 1V/600Ω (nominal) per zone is available for driving higher power amplifiers. The DSP8807 also has two independent uncorrelated pink noise generators which are random and non-repeating up to 215 hours with EQ adjustments programmable on a per zone basis. The DSP8807 provides dynamic control and management based on IEEE802.1 AVB standards (Audio-Video Bridging) with independent 1⁄3 Octave (28) band EQ *(Filter type is Butterworth @ 19dB and Linkwitz-Riley at 24dB) and Parametric EQ for calibration of all PA, ambient level sensing and automatic level control on a per zone basis. The volume control for paging in each zone can be individually controlled in 1dB increments from 15dB to -65dB.The DSP8807 GUI is called the ‘Sound Media Interface'. It provides the ability to set up "All zone" page, "Group zone" page (up to 32 groups) and "Single zone" page with an architectural dialing plan (2-digit DTMF) set up in the GUI. Each DSP8807 is capable of managing remote ambient level sensing microphones (ALM-1) for each zone (x8) wired via a single CAT5e cable up to 1,000 feet from the DSP8807 for automatic adjustment of the masking level based on real time noise levels with set up and control via the GUI.