When developing PowerPoint Presentations, please ensure you follow the AtlasIED PowerPoint Template and Guidelines:

The initial title slide is blue. Title font should always be white. There should only be one initial blue slide.

The body slides are white.  Body font should be dark gray. (you can duplicate the body slides however many times you need to) Try not to use font smaller than 24 pt.

The final slide is blue.  Any font should be white. The “news sign up” information must stay in place. There should only be one final blue slide.

AC Power Distribution

Cisco SolutionsPlus Program

Best Practices for Selling IPX Endpoints



IPX Series IP Endpoints - Next Generation of Collaboration IP Devices

Portable Audio: Microphone Stands, Wireless Microphones, Speakers

Rack Update

SHS Custom Print Process for the SHS-CUST

Loudspeakers: SHS, Strategy Series, and FS Series

Sound Masking (a.k.a. Speech Privacy) Products

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