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AtlasIED systems are currently used in about 90% of the largest 25 domestic US airports and 52% of the largest international airports. We take great pride in designing and delivering products that provide both a long service life and long supportable life. The airport environment has changed drastically over the years. Previously, it was not unusual for IED deployments to be the first networkable components in the airport. Now, what used to be one of the only networked systems in the airport, is operating on today’s modern airport IT converged network architecture. AtlasIED systems are a reliable, collaborative component of a completely integrated and managed network. This rapid change in IT requirements and environments has driven our engineering and product development evolution, resulting in an all-digital, network-centric system. Our newest flagship airport public address system is called GLOBALCOM® and features the highest level of security and flexibility of any announcement control system on the market.   

We know there are many AtlasIED airports relying on a prior generation of technology. The AtlasIED Public Address System Migration Master Plan is a factory recommendation for updating the airport’s public address system and is provided exclusively to our airport customers operating these older analog-based systems. While this plan includes several options for a gradual replacement of the oldest components, we understand how this type of upgrade impacts the airport’s planning, engineering, and budgeting processes. We’ve successfully deployed this upgrade plan in a number of airports which are now running a reliable, fully digital announcement control system. Over the past 9 years, most airports in the US have migrated to GLOBALCOM®. For more information about this plan, or to have one customized for your airport- whether a single terminal or the entire facility- please contact Charles Kowalczyk at

Charles Kowalczyk
Domestic Sales Operations Manager

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