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FOHHN® Linea Focus Series
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Digitally Adaptive Line Arrays with Real-Time Beam Steering

FOHHN® Focus Modular Series
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Modular Digitally Adaptive Line Arrays with Real-Time Beam Steering

FOHHN® X-Series Active and Passive Subwoofers
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FOHHN® X-Series Adaptive Subwoofers

FOHHN® Adapters and Accessories
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FOHHN® Adapters and Accessories

Superb Sound Quality in Challenging Acoustic Environments

Linea Focus takes sound reproduction of both speech and music to the next level. The speakers’ sound dispersion characteristics can be adjusted to suit the room conditions, avoiding unwanted reflections and providing even coverage of all audience areas. Because of this, it’s possible to achieve superb speech intelligibility and a clear definition, even in the most demanding acoustic conditions.

In comparison: Conventional PA systems have more permanently defined sound dispersion characteristics. These are usually either too wide or they lack cohesion and cannot be specifically adjusted to suit particular room conditions. It’s also unnecessary for sound to be focused in places where there is no audience. This sound often reflects off areas like the ceiling, causing a delay on its return. This kind of reflection can make the sound appear “washy” or “roomy”, with a noticeable deterioration in speech intelligibility at the listener. In this respect, the Linea Focus series is revolutionary: specifically targeting the sound means that unwanted room reflections can be avoided.
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Two Separate Beam
Product Line
This innovative Fohhn development enables two separate beams to be generated in the vertical dispersion range, allowing specific audience areas such as a balcony to be targeted by the same line array covering the main floor.
A single beam
Two separate beams
Side Lobe Free
Competitors with Lobes
FOHHN Technology without Lobes
Specially developed digital algorithms can suppress unwanted side lobes, reducing room reflections resulting in superb speech and music intelligibility.
Overview of Main Operating Principle
This diagram gives more experienced readers an overview of the functionality. An input signal initially passes through the input section. This has a priority logic that is activated if an evacuation announcement is necessary for example, ensuring maximum safety in any kind of emergency. The input signal also passes though a digital signal processor, which offers a range of opportunities for real-time processing. This is done easily and intuitively using Fohhn Audio Soft software. The “Speaker Setting and Protection DSP” section includes all the necessary acoustic protection mechanisms, such as a finely tuned multiband limiter. Equalizer settings, for the array correction for example, can also be stored.

The system is continually optimized to deliver excellent acoustic results and maximum operating reliability, even under difficult conditions. At the heart of the Linea Focus system is the “Beam Control DSP” display, which includes all the algorithms for calculating the beam characteristics. Any parameter changes made by the user in the software are then sent to the Beam Control DSP, which calculates the data and relays the appropriate information to each separate speaker.

Each chassis is controlled via an individually calculated signal from its own Class D power amplifier. Constant monitoring of the state of each individual output signal and component, such as temperature, current and load, means that the present operating status is always displayed and can be read by the user.
One Software Solution for Beam Steering, Signal Processing, and Real-Time Control
Product Line
At the heart of Fohhn Audio Soft V4 is the Linea Focus Simulation. The unique integration of control and simulation allows the immediate transfer of parameter settings to the connected devices. All parameter changes made in the simulation window are transferred to the devices in real time. Changes to the sound inclination angle or beam width are instantly audible. The vertical sound inclination angle can be adjusted between +40°/-40° and the vertical beam width between 0° to 90°.

The simulation of the line array’s sound dispersion characteristics lies within a frequency range of 50 Hz – 20 kHz. The spatial distribution of the sound pressure level is displayed in graded colours. The frequency response at any given position, and the sound pressure level for any area of the audience, can be displayed on a graph. Optimizing the sound dispersion characteristics can always be done in real time. Using a laptop with WLAN lets the user move around, quickly assess and optimize the sound in each part of the room, before comparing it again with the simulation.
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