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Important Information About SO's, PO's, and Invoices!

It is important to us, as your business partner, that we provide timely, accurate, and informative communications. It is with that goal in mind that we are updating our ERP system starting Friday, November 1st and will resume business as usual on Monday, November 4th.

Our new system, Sage ERP, will help update and streamline our order-related communications to ensure that our suppliers and clients receive the information they need, quickly and efficiently. As our internal processes are modernized, AtlasIED will have advanced reporting and functionality that will offer a better experience with better visibility for our partners.

Below are some key pieces of information that you will need to know regarding our business processes during this transition:

  • Our shipping department will be shut down on Friday, November 1st.
  • We will have a manual process to handle urgent items on Friday, November 1st. These shipments will be limited and those orders MUST be received by 8am CT on Thursday, October 31st.
  • All customers and suppliers will have new Account #’s in our new system.
  • Our invoices, sales orders (SO’s), and purchase orders (PO’s) will all look different (examples below).
  • Open PO’s will be transitioned to our new system, and will be given a new PO #, but will refer to the old PO #.
  • Unpaid Invoices will be transitioned to our new system, and will be given a new Invoice #, but will refer to the old Invoice #.
  • Unshipped SO’s will be transitioned to our new system, and will be given a new SO #, but will reference the old SO #.
  • All PO’s, SO’s, and Invoices will have new sequence numbers and different formatting that you will start seeing after Monday, November 4th.

Atlas Invoice

Atlas SO Confirmation

Atlas PO

IED Invoice

IED SO Confirmation


If you have any other questions or if something doesn't look right on any forms of documentation (PO's, SO's, or Invoices), please contact our Customer Service team at:

AtlasIED Customer Service
Inside the USA: 1-800-876-3333
International: 1-602-438-4545
Phone Support Hours: Monday-Friday, 7am to 4pm MST