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Designing a commercial audio system can seem like a daunting task. What amplifier(s) do I need? How many peripherals am I going to need to support it? How many rack spaces am I going to need to fit it all? What kind of rack do I need? All of these are questions that integrators and system designers encounter everyday and since no job is exactly the same as the last one, the process is difficult to standardize.

AtlasIED is the only manufacturer that can provide everything system designers need for their jobs except sources and wire. Everything else is available and AtlasIED has made it easier than ever to put it all together quickly and easily. The RAPID System is an online tool that allows an integrator or end user to select the rack type and height that is best suited for their job and then load it with all of the necessary components to put their system together.

Click the video below to learn about all the amazing features integrated into the RAPID System that will help you plan and complete your projects faster than ever.