Messaging and emergency communication for any industrial facility.

An effective messaging and emergency communication system should be a vital part of any industrial facility’s plan for both general announcements as well as emergency communications. Intelligibly communicating with employees in multiple parts of a large facility can be a challenge. Office workers have a much different working environment than assembly line workers but it is critical that each of them not only hears but also understands the message. Additionally, in some areas audio messages alone do not guarantee the message is received so visual messaging is needed to ensure employee comprehension especially in critical situations like emergencies. What if the communication system could do more? Industrial facilities are a balance of action and all of the parts need to be working in unison in order for the overall facility to function properly. When a system breaks down or a situation arises that affects other aspects of the facility it is critical that everyone involved knows what is going on and what is being done to address the problem.

The AtlasIED GLOBALCOM® system is designed to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of any type industrial facility. AtlasIED has been manufacturing feature rich, reliable communication systems for facilities of all sizes for over thirty years. GLOBALCOM® systems utilize redundant components to ensure that the system is always functioning. The system is able to automatically check the functionality of all speakers in the system as well as connected endpoints including microphone stations. Alerts can be set up so that onsite maintenance personnel can address any problems immediately. Patented AtlasIED ambient analysis technology allows the system to automatically adjust local zone volume, based on activity level in the zone, so messages are always delivered at an intelligible level. AtlasIED DIRECTOR software can be deployed with a GLOBALCOM® system that includes a custom facility, web based user interface that allows administrators, maintenance, and security personnel the ability to access the system and create live messages or initiate preprogrammed messages and actions.

BreweryAtlasIED microphone stations are available in several configurations that include soft keys and push buttons, which can be configured for any action based on the needs of the zone serviced by the microphone. The 528 series features a programmable LCD screen that enables varying levels of security based on individual security access. AtlasIED microphone stations can be programmed for quick access by first responders to access the system to make live pages anytime it is necessary from any station connected to the network.

GLOBALCOM® systems can also deliver visual paging content to connected monitors or televisions. Standard pages can be converted to text for ADA compliance. Additionally, preprogrammed content can be displayed in the event of an emergency. The system can store thousands of images and preprogrammed messages, which can be initiated in a variety of ways so that employees can be diverted away from danger no matter where they are or where the danger is located. Visual messaging can also be utilzed for non-emergency means. The AtlasIED solution can also stream custom content like productivity statistics, assembly instructions, or news and advertising to individual monitors connected to the network, allowing for increased productivity and real-time efficiency analysis.

AtlasIED paging horns, sirens, explosion proof drivers, speakers, equipment racks, IP speakers, power conditioners, and other products are ideally suited for use in all areas within any type of industrial facility. Whether your facility needs to announce shift changes, alert the maintenance department when equipment needs to be serviced, or to make emergency announcements, AtlasIED products deliver the clarity and performance that have been proven over time in installations all over the world.